Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Returning home

I got home yesterday around 1:30 in the afternoon and enjoyed the warmth outside. It probably wasn't more than 60, but after waking in the morning to 23, it felt like a heat wave! Saturday night we got some rain showers and a tiny itty bitty bit of snow - you had to look hard to see it falling, but it WAS snow!! And WIND - we had so much wind that you never got completely warm except when you were practically sitting in the fire!

I did not take any pictures since this camp looked like all the other camps we have had in that spot except for the warming tent. Unfortunately no deer when I left, but being opening weekend, the mountains were crawling with camps and hunters. Hopefully the ones left in camp will get something during the week. I will have to go back up on Saturday to tow home the trailer with all the quads.

The house felt warm even though I left the thermostat at 58-59. Unloaded the food, dirty clothes (and there were plenty!), dog bed and dog food. I still need to remove all the non-perishable food, left over clean clothing and "dump" the camper. I will do that today when it warms up a bit. It is barely past 30 outside.

After I cleaned the cat box (Pheweeeee!) Fed and watered the chickens, cleaned out ashes from the wood stove, I lit a fire - oh heavenly warm fire! I didn't get to bed until 10::30, but I slept sooo good.

I need to go to town this week, but I'm waiting a day or two so I can just rest up in the warmth of my house.


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Anonymous said...

I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth! Since my return from San Antonio, I've found very little time to read blogs...but, hopefully, I'm back to some quality reading time. Sounds as though you had fun on your trip; I know you enjoy going with your friends.

I read the previous posts I missed; your craft room is coming along fine! I had to laugh at your comment about how much can one person have...I think you have your share and my share, too. Good thing, since I don't craft well.

Love your chickens...they are just too cute!

Take care. Betty