Thursday, October 22, 2009

Warmth in the evening

We all (almost) get along well enough to cozy up to the wood stove. They were both lying down in similar poses, but when SueAnn heard the camera open, she lifted her head. She's so nosy!! The heat can get really intense right in front of the stove, but SueAnn will lay there panting away - will she move? Not for a long time!!

You can't really see it, but the stove is in the upper left hand corner. The blue bucket is kindling, and the red container is fire starter.

The days aren't that bad temperature wise, I can deal with 64 in the house, but when evening rolls around I like a roaring fire too. I just need to learn to regulate the damper better - sometimes I need to open a window to cool it down a bit ... I'll get it sooner or later.

I wish you all nice days and warm evenings.



Linda said...

Great post! The 'kids' are cute too... lol

bneedham46 said...

Roaring fire for sure! 64 in the house? We haven't even gotten that low at night here..haha.

Cute picture of your 'kids'.

Betty said...

One more comment...I finally got my Google account straight, since I no longer have a blog to which I'm posting. So, now my comments should show "Betty"...just so you know, it's me..haha. Take care.

Paula said...

I love a roaring fire in the evening too! Filled my house with smoke last night for some silly reason. Those dampers get us all from time to time!

Ravenhill said...

Oh, I too love the feeling of the warmth emenating from a warm fire! Enjoy the pleasures of winter!