Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's try 'er agin ... Early wood cutting

I think it's working, I think it will be a go. Woo Hoo!!

I have no pictures of the actual bucking and splitting, buy you all know it for what it is - WORK! A friend of Dale's brother is letting us onto his property to scavenge the piles of downed Juniper for usable firewood. It is a private ranch not more than 5-6 miles from our house. The gentleman is having a lot of trees removed to make room for future pasture for his cows. There is every size of wood you could want and a lot of brushy stuff too. Dale brought the splitter along, so all the mess was left there!

My poor little (Ha!) Jeep has lost her home for a few days. There has to be someplace to keep the wood dry in case of a rain storm.

Doesn't really look like a lot, but that starter stack just to the left of the blue tarp, was from this load too. There are 2 pick up loads laying there. Might not look like a big deal - until you start stacking it ... Don't forget that the small stuff that doesn't have to be split was just laying where they cut it, so we had to walk around cow sh*t and over lots of branches to get to it... slipping in the mud.

All those stacked rounds come to about 2' tall.

Oh goody! Two more really full pick up loads later. I have to stack it ... in the wood shed as this stuff is ready to burn. Wonderful, wonderful Juniper - burns long and hot!! Last year we did not get our first cutting until August! This year we are way, way ahead of the game as this is for 2010-11 winter. There will be two more trailer loads coming within the month. This trailer is 8x10 feet with sides 2 feet high. Two of those, and I will have some wood left over for 2011-12!!!

There is a bit of punky wood under the blue tarp and some horribly distorted pieces under the green tarp (4'x6'x2 ricks). We will now also have enough to grab some to take camping. Can't camp without a fire now can we?? Summer evenings can be cool by the lake ...

Ok, I need to go to the PO, store, and then come home and start stacking for today. Don't know how much will get done, but some will.

I'm sure you've had enough of my ramblings about firewood, but it is just so exciting to know you won't freeze your butt off next winter!!!

Hugs to you all


Nezzy said...

Just like the busy ant it is wise to plan for next winter. Your off to a super start. Our supply is gettin' low, were probably gonna need to restock soon and very soon. Don't ya just love what stackin' wood does to your arm muscles???

You have yourself a fantastically blessed day!!!

Laura Jane said...


Haven't seen you for a while, I've been 'offline' i.e. NOT blogging.

Hope things are good with you....nice pile!

Christina J. said...

Wow, that's a lot of wood! And a lot of hard work!

Paula said...

Finding a place to go where you can fill your woodpile is almost as good as finding a pot of gold! Yes, a lot of work but so comforting knowing that stack is there. We have an old oil heater, but chose to just use our wood stove this year and boy, are we running low. We need to get out there and drag some wood home too!

cindy said...

Glad to meet you.
I kow what chopping wood is all about. WE live on a farm and the chores never quit. We have just began farming.

Ravenhill said...

How nice to get a jump start on next winter! It is such a wonderful feeling to be preparing for a long and cold winter and to know you have everything you need. We used to have to stack great amounts of wood when we were young. We would start off very irritated at being put to the task but end up having fun and being very goofy, while getting the wood into the shed.
Now let's enjoy the spring and summer!!!
♥ Emily

winterpeachblog said...

Looks like quite the undertaking! Arlene

Caribou said...

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