Thursday, June 17, 2010

Windows and roof

I promised you some pictures of the the windows and roof. I will take some more pictures from the inside once everything is back in place - - there are still a few things out of place.

All the windows are vinyl clad, dual pane with argon gas. There is also a bit of a tint - I like that a whole lot!

This is from the inside just so you can tell the mess I've been dealing with. The window on the right is the one shown from the outside above. Yes, I do need to finish painting the living room. and the dining room, and the hallway, and ... and ...

This is the dining/computer area. In the picture above you can see the carport - the window on the far right here also goes out to the carport. I do need curtains since I can't mount mini blinds or roller shades. These windows take up the whole opening from outside to inside! What a concept... WOW this area looks a lot messier in the photo than it does is person ... maybe because I can't see all of it when I'm in there ... maybe I just need to clean it up A LOT!

This last picture is of the roof, as best I can ... short of climbing up there. The old roof was a rusty and patched metal roof. The old roof was covered with 2" of hard insulation and covered with a rubber membrane. The roof on the porch was not redone because it isn't a living area. If I had known that, I would have put a table and some chairs with a lamp out there. Oh well, I'm super happy with the upgrades that I received.

I still count my blessings over this "gift", and will for a long, long time.

Hugs to every one!


Mary said...

What wonderful improvements!! That's a shame you couldn't get the porch area done. Maybe there is a low cost alternative??? In the meantime, enjoy your "new" mobile home and keep posting so I can stay current with your progress.

I am reclaiming areas of our yard that were ignored for a few years. Maybe I should blog that topic. What do you think?

Paula said...

Looks good and I bet feels even better knowing that your more "tucked" in for next winter. Hope you're having a good summer. Sorry I haven't stopped by for so long. Very hectic around here right now. Isn't summer supposed to be laid back and easy????

Kelle said...

I'd love to have new windows, but it's not in the budget this year, a few more things that are more important to do this year, then maybe the windows. Our home is 100yrs old and has the original windows with aluminum storms added.

Found your blog via 3acre homestead :o) Glad we did too, my Dd is just beginning beading and is making necklaces and braclets at this point, she's learn beginning wire wrapping and loves it! I don't think she could do the seed beads, but she has an aunt who does this, in fact she's quite famous in beading and teaches, via cruises and whatnot.
Look forward to getting to know you and possibly picking your brain for help in beading*wink*
Love what we've read so far, we'll be back*wink*
Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm