Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babies that Baa and Cheep!

The pictures were taken at Dale's (goats) and baby chicks at my house. The goats are growing like crazy - these pictures were taken, maybe a week after the "infant" goat pics. It is hard to get a picture - they never hold still!! LOL.   By now they are 5-6 weeks old and have been put outside in their own pen, but they are still bottle fed - 3 bottles each; I don't know how many times during the day.  Thank goodness it isn't my milk bill!!!

I wish I could have gotten both their little faces, but all I got was one face and a butt!!!

Then there was the sale at our local Grange Co-op, buy one fifty pound bag of chick starter and get 3 chicks for free.  How do I pass that up when I know several (3) of my older girls have slowed wayyyy down on the egg production.  The two Ameraucana's lay green eggs and I haven't seen one in about three weeks now.  I do realize that the cold weather cuts down on the production, but these girls seem to have been on strike.  The oldest, Cinnamon, a RI Red, is about 7 years old and I think she has has enough of this laying thing.   The Ameraucana's, Cloud and Frazzle are also up there in age and I think it's their time now too.   Now I have my own new little babies, which I never thought I'd do - I wanted pullets that were ready to lay so I didn't have to go through this.  They are living in my craft studio for now - got to keep the cats and dog away from them.  Now to the mystery box - -

Here are my three little baby Barred Rock chicks in their new home.  I have a regular 60w light bulb hanging in there to keep them warm.  The associate that helped me said that they like it around 90 deg., and we are right on the mark.  It stays that warm because of the towel.  They bundle up to sleep, but they are also very active.  That tells me the temp is right on!  In about a week I can lower the temp to about 85, and slowly go down as their permanent feathers grow in.  The already have som wing feathers starting ... I love this ...

Now I just hope that all of them are girls ... no roosters allowed here!  I've cleaned the water dish after the mess they made (see above pic), I've also checked their little butts to make sure there isn't any dried "stuff" - I don't want them to plug up ...

How'd I do? - I might even like this Taking care of Baby thing ... hmmm??  I'll see if I'm willing to try it again next year.  Hope you all like the baby pictures.

Have a great day!!

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Mama Pea said...

Baby chicks are so adorable. I almost wish they would stay at that stage longer than they do. We've got little peepers coming next month as all of our old girls are getting right up there, too. We should have started new chicks last year . . . but you just can't fit everything in, no matter how much you might want to. Keep those picture coming!