Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oooh, I'm healthy!!!

Last Wednesday, I had my 'clean out' day ... no food, only clear liquids and some of that cleaning stuff that keeps you close to the bathroom ... the colonoscopy went so well, and I was sooo clean that the doctor wanted to do the surgery the next day (Friday) so I didn't have to go through this again. Thank you doc!!!

They did a laproscopic appendectomy - try saying that three times fast!! - on Friday. It seems the troubles I've had over the last 18-24 months was really my appendix acting up, but not enough to put me in danger of having it burst. I think the doctor was saying that the growth I had came about to protect the appendix from further damage, but it did HURT BAD about 4-5 times during that period. Everything that was to be removed came out without a hitch. It was all sent in for a biopsy, but the doctor doesn't expect any surprises at all - he told me so.

I got home yesterday around 2-2:30 pm, and of course as I was taking it easy, I over did it. Every heard of something so silly?? ... me neither ... I slept until 10:30 am (after changing the clocks) and feel like most of my day has disappeared!

There are so many things I need do get done, but will only do the vital ones. Like baking bread, cleaning the dreaded cat box for tomorrows garbage day, and baking dog treats ... that one may just have to wait until tomorrow even if we are out! I will knit, I will knit, I will knit, or so I keep telling myself ...

I also need to do some laundry ... but I do have enough clothes to last for another week, but my favorite things are dirty (whine, whine & whine some more!)... I will wait, I will wait, I will wait!!

Thank you for all your well wishes over the past month, I really appreciate it a lot! I am fine and on the mend. Thank goodness this is all over, except paying the bills ...

Many hugs to you all!


Christina J. said...

I'm glad all went well with the surgery! My son had an emergency appendectomy when he was 7. He had stomach pain for close to two years before the surgery. I kept asking the pediatrician if it could be his appendix and she thought I was crazy. I took him to a new pediatrician when he was having an attack and, sure enough, it was his appendix. The surgeon said his appendix was the size of a man's thumb--which is huge for a little boy! Anyway, make sure you take enough time to rest and recover. I hope you are back to normal soon. :)

Gail said...

Sorry to hear that you needed surgery. Glad that everything went well. Holler if you can use any help.

Mama Pea said...

Well, who knew all the problems were being caused by that!? So, so glad you sailed through the surgery. I'll bet a big load has been taken off you mind. Just think of the great shape you'll be in for this coming spring/summer season. But do give yourself enough time for recovery. We don't want to see you back-sliding now after what you've been through. Hugs.