Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm back!!  Now that didn't hurt too much ... 2 1/2 days without the computer wasn't as bad as I anticipated ... LOL.

I got some knitting done that I've been working on for a while - that was nice!  I read some more during the day as I usually read before tucking myself in for the night.  Last night it was 1:30 before I slid down into sleeping mode, but I had to finish the story!  I love my Kindle.  All the books I have saved on there were free from Amazon ... now I'm perusing the $.99 books, but that could get expensive fast - I haven't bought one yet ... but maybe ... LOL

We had a bit more snow last night, nothing to write home about in comparison to what's going on in the eastern part of the country.  We use to get 10-12" storms, but they have really slowed down for now and the most we've gotten lately, is 4-6 inches, which if it happens often enough could build up to 1-3 feet, but nooo, no such thing.  I been saying "Next year" for the last 6, so sooner or later I will be right!

Well, off to get my next cup of coffee - have a great day everyone!

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