Sunday, February 17, 2013

Troubles still ahead ...

I thought I'd sneak in here and let you know that I'm still trying to save the computer!  It gets slower every day and at the moment there is nothing I can do about it ... blahhh!  I need a new tower, but with the money I just laid out for my 2nd installment of property taxes it will have to wait.  I hope the darn computer will play nice with me until then.

The weather has been pretty nice during the day, although it is still cold.  I don't think 40-something is warm and I have a habit to hunker down inside when it's like that outside.  We are forecast to have snow on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I don't know how nuch but hope just a little.  My Chicken Girls come out of the pen everyd ay now and are laying bunches of eggs!  We had about a month where they went on strike, but there is no longer a dry spell.  I know it's because they can get out and scrounge about. 

I sooo need to get the chicken coop and pen cleaned out - there are only 8 chickens, but it stinks like a humoungous barn.  I can smell it while I'm walking up to it - Ugghh!  It is one of those things that needs a total cleaning; no half done chore - it is all or nothing.  The "Ugghh" freezes at night so I would need to really work on it layer by layer and that is just not happening.  It is about 6 inches deep.  The ground in front of the "human" door is also frozen and I play slip and slide trying to reach the far corners of the coop - not fun, and besides it hurts the back to lean into the coop. 

I have a spot of ground outside the front door that has a layer of 2-3" of ice.  That spot doesn't get any sun in the winter time, so even with the 40-something degrees during the day it is a sheet of ice - the warmer days will melt the top layer and the 20-something at night will freeze it again making it much smoother the next day.  I have used lots of ice melt on it, but not much happening ... the other day I had a brain flash ... I scraped the gravel from the non-iced driveway over the ice.  Just that simple!  I now have traction ... now why didn't I think of that sooner?

I'm doing fun stuff today - like laundry and stripping the bed.  The best fun is being able to post today.  This 'puter' is cooperating right now so I thought I'd give you all an earfull ... LOL!  It seems to slow down the further we get into the day, and by evening it can take 20 minutes to open a window.  I do need to go look, at least, at a new tower to figure out what I want and what I can afford.  I have a very good friend who will, I hope, transfer the data for me.  Please Patti, please?

I will go for now, but hopefully get back to posting soon, and post some pictures.
Hugs to you all 

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