Friday, April 12, 2013

I think I'm hitting overload

in my garden venture ... I look at all sorts of sites, take mental notes, hold my heard and say "what am I doing to myself".  I have a habit of doing a lot of search and research instead of just "doing".  I planted tomato seeds, they sprouted and got super leggy.  I read that I need to catch them as they are uncurling from the seed pod and put a grow light on them ... yeah, well I did that and now I have leggier plants with only the two top leaves on them.  Back to square one.  I'm bound and determined to grow those d*mn tomatoes from seed, but I do want tomatoes this year ... I hate buying the hybrids, but maybe I'll just have to and read up on tomatoes during this coming winter ... or keep trying during the summer ...

It is Friday again so I hope everyone has a great weekend ... Our group is getting together, as usual, up at Ron's place and this week we are having enchiladas.  This is a split venture so no one has to pay for all of it - we's poo fokes ... LOL.   It's a bit after 2 and we meet at 5:30-6:00, so it is time I start chopping up the tomatoes :) onions, and a bit of lettuce for the ones that are making giant tacos ... LOL.  I also have a ton of shredded cheese - bought that way, I'm too lazy to stand there and shred it!

We will be discussing our upcoming trip to the Black Powder Camp/Competition and a bit about who brings what food wise.  I've ended up being camp cook for dinners and making sure we have snacks - chips, munchies, candy, cantaloupes and possibly grapes ... good snacks!  I guess I need to check to see what the weather will be like so I can determine if we need all hot foods or if a mix will be good ...

See you next week with, hopefully, a solution to my tomato issue ... LOL

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