Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm reading up a bit on how to ...

do a variety of garden things in a new and different way from what I'm use to seeing and/or doing.  Raised garden beds using hugelkultur http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/ - something that really makes sense and the hardest work is the first and maybe the second year.  I have tons of pine trees here, but the site says that there is too much tannin in pines.  I'm looking for 'other' than pines and firs, so on my drives to and from town I keep my eye out for downed stuff that maybe I can bring home.  I really have a great spot in the middle of my front yard that would work - and less lawn to mow ... LOL  Take a look at the site I mentioned earlier in my post.  You may laugh at me if you need to, but I really want to try this method instead of the planks and top soil squares ... so go ahead, laugh!

I also like the idea of growing potatoes in a barrel.  Evidently I have to watch which variety I get in order to grow 100 lbs of potatoes, but I will look around at that too!  Now I'm beginning to look at various containers I have around here, or raid my friends' yards ... LOL  The site I'm looking at for this is  http://greenupgrader.com/11708/4-simple-steps-to-grow-a-hundred-pounds-of-potatoes-in-a-barrel/#.TvxFLgXIzvg.facebook  - I know there will be more sites, like both the above, that I find and maybe list in a post for you.

Last Wednesday I took SueAnn, my dog, into a vaccination clinic for a couple of her shots.  I sort of guessed which ones she needed, I guessed right, but I forgot to order her thyroid pills.  I have them ordered now for pick up tomorrow.  I also forgot to stop and get her "stress" pills.  I had to give her only one pill per day for the last three days, and boy could I see that she HAS to have 2.  I went to town yesterday to get them ... I need to get my act together so I don't have to go to town so often - it is about 30 miles round trip and at 18 miles to the gallon in my Jeep that adds up fast!

I fill follow up on the "garden" things as I run across more interesting stuff.  Have a great day.

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Linda said...

I am going to use a system for growing my potatoes this year that is layered. Sometimes it is called square foot potatoes, but it is actually just another version of using containers. What I intend to do is make bottom and topless boxes (just a frame) made from 2x4's or something and add them as the potatoes grow. They will be in 4 square foot of my bed.

One thing that I found was that you want to plant long season potatoes so they make tubers all up the stalk. The early potatoes won't work.

Looking forward to reading and seeing how your garden and potatoes do...