Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little more got done ...

I got a bit more done on the Hugel garden this weekend.  Yesterday Dale stopped by with his chain saw and we cut up some more wood (I loaded some, but he did the work) ... woohoo!! ... the pieces are anywhere from 1 1/2  foot to 4 feet. It is just cut to be able to stack nicely and fit into spaces that are open.  We (he) then put some dirt on it, and today I brought 2 wheelbarrows full of chicken pen 'stuff' and covered it.  Two loads is about all my back will handle at one time ... I'm posting here and after resting up a bit will 'reload' the chicken coop with new straw.  Over time they manage to pretty much scratch it all out into the pen ... that's why I have such good 'stuff' ... LOL  I have onions that need to be planted, but have no where to put them just yet.  I need a good sized container ... maybe I'll go help myself at Dale's house ... if he has any left that he will turn loose of.

I've had one of those pounding headaches for at least 24 hrs.  It is slowly going away, but it sure does drain the energy.  Yesterday I was sooo woozy that I had trouble doing anything halfway well, but there are things that need to get done no matter what comes along ... and I do rest in between chores ...

Welllll ... I just took a 3 hour break from writing this post ... LOL   I dragged my trash can to the street; talked to Dale, when he came down with his, about the size of the garden ... we both think it has enough logs, so now it's more trips with chicken 'stuff' and then a heavy layer of dirt!!  We will have to bring in a tractor with a large front bucket so we can dig up more dirt from my south 40 ... LOL  Then I need to find a fence so all the deer can't get to the produce!  If I get this done quickly, I can put the onions in there ... hmmm ... tomorrow is another day!

I also had a huge salad for dinner and now I'm ready to crawl into my warm fuzzies and watch some TV in bed ... and knit.

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