Monday, June 17, 2013

Busy as a bee ...

I've been busy (for me) and have gotten a bunch of things done - that's a nice feeling!  Of course some of the things I did could have been done a year ago ... LOL.

Last week was my daughter's 45th birthday ... phew, that makes me feel old!!  Nine days before that was my birthday, I'm now 6xxxx years old.  Nope, not telling!!

On Friday, the 14th (+15th) , the Klamath County 2013 Stand Down took place at the Fairgrounds.  The DAV had 2 days of military surplus give away to the local Veterans.  I went with a friend, Ron, and he picked up some things he needed.  He was really looking for boots, but anything from 8-10 was gone before we got to the table ... bummer.  There were tables and tables of goods, from socks in large and small - no medium ... LOL.  Shirts, jackets, backpacks, wool blankets, sleeping bags, etc.  In another section there were tables of information for services that the Veterans could apply for and get them either for free or for a reduced price. 

Ron and I were sooo tired from the waiting, sitting, standing and walking around that when we finally got to his car, we dropped into the seats like stones!  It was definitely to bed early for me and I think Ron did the same thing ... we were up at 6 am, so I'm sure he dropped out early too.

Saturday I was absolutely worthless ... I hurt in places that I forgot I even had!!  But on Sunday I got some stuff done here at the house.  I stretched out the hoses to the various places they go and looked around for some connectors - no luck.  I dumped (finally) the camper tanks - it doesn't take long, but I just hate doing it ... ugghhh!  I put it back in it's resting place until the next trip - I'm ready to go any time again.

I had over a dozen canning jars that sat out over winter and all but 6 cracked and broke.  I got my butt together and picked up all the broken ones so I could (finally) get them in the trash for pickup.  These are the ones that have sat for over a year ...

I asked Dale to bring my mower back when he brought down his trashcan ... I mowed the side yard today and have had the sprinkler going for about 4 hours, moving it from place to place.  The poor grass won't know what to do with WATER ... this is the first water, except a bit of rain, that has been put on the grass.  Oops - bad me!

I'm going to town tomorrow to pick up some things from the market.  I hate going to town; I always end up spending at least $100!  It's just inevitable. 

I'm going to go back to the couch and watch the evening news ... and maybe knit while I do.

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