Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Now that I'm older ...

I celebrated my birthday by going camping - it's an annual event.  Both the birthday, LOL, and the camping trip.  Our little group have certain events that always included a camping trip, and we love it.  We can't afford a nice dinner out for all our birthdays, but we can afford camping!  The sad part is that only 2 out of 5 have summer birthdays the rest are one in January, one February and the last one in November and those are not good for camping.

In order to get the two campsites we really like, two of us left on Wednesday am, but still didn't get our sites ... The campground is a small one and there are only 13 available sites.  People are learning about our favorite place and it's getting tough to get our spots.  We at least need 2 sites together as we camp as one big happy family.

I've had lots of birthday wishes on my FB page and I appreciate all the people that posted.  I love my friends & family.

After getting home from camping the next day's activity always includes a trip to the market.  As usual there is a prescription to fill, and also to replace some of the things taken to camp.  We also found a potato pot for $5 and proceeded to plant them this morning.  We also stopped at the local nursery and bought some tomato plants and a little pot with 2 Cantaloupe plants in it.  Our planting season here in Southern Oregon is short, but we make do.  The Hugel garden is still only half way done, so it won't be useful until the end of the season, so next year will be it for that garden!!

The temp outside in the carport is 78 right now at 1 pm.  The temps are going to keep climbing until this weekend where it is suppose to reach the very upper 80's and lower 90's.  This is about 10-15 degrees above normal for us ... it has definitely hit Summer Mode.  I need my mower back from Dale so I can cut the 12" high weeds before I disappear in it when walking across the yard ... LOL

I got my Camper Renewal in the mail yesterday ... Ugghh! $114.75 ... it is for two years, but still, it's hard to come up with all at once when on a fixed income ... no more whining ... !

I'll leave you now with all the wisdom of my 66 years ... LOL

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