Thursday, December 5, 2013

I seem to be behinder than usual ... LOL

Things move so slowly here in my life that the same thing day after day is just not worth writing about ... pretty sad huh?  Today I'm playing catch up  for the last exciting (LOL) month ...

Thanksgiving was very nice; good friend and good food is always a "fuzzy warm" experience.  I ate too much as always, but not "too much" to make me sick.  The weather was decent, as in not too cold, but no one knew that a week later it would be 3 degrees overnight.

It is currently 11:16 am and the temp has risen to 10 ... today's high is moving up on 30.  I want it to get to at least 28 and SNOW.  Lots of snow.  The sky is bright blue with not a cloud in sight ... but even though the sun is shining brightly there is no warmth in it.

I need to get back to getting presents ready for family and friends, but as always, money is tight - VERY tight.

Oh, I do have some news ... I've spoken with the Lady at the USDA about the grant to cover expenses for my well issue.  The money has been set aside, but will not be issued until the job is done; and it will be issued to the contractor.  The ground is pretty frozen so the job won't happen until April at the earliest ... bummer.  I guess I'm one of the honest folks out there - I would verify the amount for the ditch digging only and set that aside for John and then put my reserves back in my bank to be used for gifts.  I don't think of taking the money and running ... I need my system to be to code.  Not complying could mean a large fine and I'm not into paying anything that would go to the government, no matter what the amount is - my money is my money .. OK, enough of this!

I lost my cute little Lucy chicken before Thanksgiving to a raccoon.  I've stuffed every entry I can see, but raccoons are smart, but I've also taken to locking the girls up in the coop at night.  They have absolutely no problem with that ... besides it's very cold at night and I have a heat lamp in there that keeps them a lot warmer than having a cold breeze flying through the door.

I've worked on my Hugel garden - yes, last minute me! - but am at a stop because the ground is frozen.  It really is done, but I just wanted to get the last of the dirt on top of the pile ... oh well, Spring will come soon enough and the whole pile needs to 'stew' so it's ready for planting after last frost.

I'm hunkering down today, and probably for the rest of winter.  I'm going to get off the internet and sink into a pile of yarn and do some knitting - the couch is a lot closer to the wood stove than the computer is so that will be a real cozy experience ... Love the wood stove!

I will definite try to post more often, but I don't guarantee anything ... LOL
Hugs to everyone and Merry Christmas!!!

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