Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finding my sewing stuff . . .

I have a sewing project that I need to get done while D is away. D is my room mate and bestest friend. He has had pretty pink ruffly curtains in his room since we moved into this house in 2001. Pretty sad, huh? His room is on the SE side of the house and here during the summer, he gets the sun at around 5:30 a.m. and is not very thrilled about it. We found some denim that will darken the room in the summer and help keep the heat in during the winter. I think it's about time to get this done. Having said that, we will win the lottery and get a new house...LOL...LOL, now that's funny!

So, while he is visiting his sister, I'm sewing curtains.... well, trying to anyway... I haven't used my sewing machine in 4-5 years, but I knew where it was! I had to dig out my 2' x 4' camping table to cut and sew on - I don't have a decent table that isn't covered with crafts. Then I had to search the house for my rotary rulers.... took at least 45 minutes and a call to my girlfriend C to see if she could remember where she saw it last.... hmmm ? ? ? I finally had the bulb go off = in the top drawer of the built-in dresser.

Thank goodness all the measurements on both windows are the same! This old house is about as caddy wompus as they come, so I never know what happens when I start measuring. Any way, I got one panel out of four done. I figure if I do one every day, or maybe two, I will definitely have them done in no time, and if I'm lucky, I might even be able to sew a few other things..... who knows ? ? ?

Wishing you blue skies, no wind and sunny days.

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