Sunday, June 8, 2008

First camping trip of the year!

Wow, I've been remiss on posting . . . We left for camp at noon on the 29th of May with a slight drizzle coming down. It was a short trip, 9 miles on pavement and 2 on dirt roads - (95% of the time we boondock - no neighbors and no noise). We found a beautiful meadow and set up around a small group of trees. (when I get the photo posting down I'll get some pics up-as you can see, I got it!!!) There were 2 truck campers and 1 travel trailer, 6 people all together - 2 being kids. Boy do we haul the 'stuff' to camp!

We had 3 pop-up canopies plus the trees, so plenty of shelter. We did get rain on and off the whole trip, but it really was wonderful to get away from home and chores. Some of them do follow us, but it seems to be more fun doing them while camping.

We really do eat better when we camp than when we are at home! First night out we had Chicken Noodle soup - homemade by moi the day before leaving! Cooking the first night after setting up and dragging out all the 'stuff' just isn't fun OR easy. Breakfasts consist of either whatever you can grab that you brought or Hunters Hash - ground sausage, hash browns and eggs all mixed together - yum, yum!

The only meal we really think about is dinner - second night we had grilled pork steaks with macaroni salad & a cottage cheese, green olive and green onion salad. The whole meal is easy to fix and that's probably why we eat it out camping. Third night was Taco Salad and the last night out was grilled hamburgers & chips.

There was plenty of mud surrounding our camp, and the kids took advantage of it BIG time! Too bad we didn't have a hose and spigot handy - they surely would have literally been hosed off!

We saw some deer navigating the meadow, but not too many. But then there were the Cranes! They were around us even though we couldn't see most of them, they sure were making a racket in the mornings, and when they lifted off they looked like huge pterodactyls! Wing spans had to be 6-7 feet! And the cranes were a tan and brown color - absolutely beautiful. We also had a couple of Bald Eagles - which to me are just awesome.

After breakfast on Monday, June 2, we started packing things up for the trip home. I hate last mornings, but then again, getting into a nice shower with (almost) endless hot water is absolutely marvelous!

It usually takes a couple of days, besides the perishables, to unload the camper, but it isn't going anywhere nor will someone do it for me. I'm real slow this time since I have to pull the bedding off already. I guess the condensation was too much and my bed by the front window was very damp. Now I need to see if there is any mildew or whatever to contend with.

I'll keep you posted.

Wishing you sunny days.

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