Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Jennie!

My daughter is 40 today! I sent her a huge bouquet of yellow roses and lilies. She has loved yellow roses since she was in school. The first bouquet I gave her was when she graduated from High School with Honors. I also got her some electronic thing, a VCR if I faintly recall. You have to realize that her graduation was 22 years ago, and that I've aged accordingly....... shhh, don't tell anyone!

Yellow roses have played a role in her life, even if she had no clue that it would. She lives in TX. She had a story published in an anthology, Love Texas Style, by Wild Rose Press which has a yellow rose on the cover. Her story is the 5th in the book , The Rancher's Wife. I'm very proud of her as you can tell.

Oh, and we are having road work done here in our "dirt road" subdivision on the main entry, and it seems to me that every one coming and going up here, has passed by my house to the secondary entry road.

The sun is shining, it's nice, the windows are open and the DUST is just pouring into my house. I put a traveling sprinkler close to the road to help keep the dust down, and it is slowing people down. I know it's hard to keep dust at bay when you choose to live on a dirt road, but why do some folks have to drive at warp speed? This road work will hopefully be done soon. I really enjoy my peace and quiet here, with few vehicles going by....... WOW, I forgot what traffic was like.

Wishing you lovely days

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