Saturday, July 19, 2008


Last Thursday was a good friend of mines birthday - 47! (I can still remember that far back, but prefer not to . . . the future is much more interesting.) He, DB, came home from work around 3 pm, went to help a neighbor move a steer (didn't happen that day) and when he pulled into the drive way, his wife, CB, and I has set up the shade canopy and chairs . . . he just looked sideways at us and we just smiled.

Then other people started showing up . . . "What's my wife been up to?" . . . no one answered, just smiled. 12 people and 3 kids later, DB finally figured out his wife had been up to the ol' Surprise Birthday Party trick . . . we had a wonderful time, and he really was surprised since it was a Thursday night!

We are again getting ready to go camping. Next Friday a little before noon . . . can hardly wait! To the local campground, (will need 4 spaces) and a boat - gonna do some night catfishing!

Today is just one of those lazy contemplative days. I need to gather supplies for the variety of crafts I'm going to do for the annual Christmas bazaar. I know, I know, a little early to be thinking of Christmas, but when you are making bunches of things, you really have to start this time of year. I will do some beading, some knitting, definitely some sewing and then there are a bunch of general crafts . . . I will take pics as I get stuff done so you can see what my mind conjures up.

Just a little view of my south 40. This picture was taken in mid June so everything looks green. Now, a month later, there is a lot more brown stuff down there.

Wishing you clear skies and lots of sunshine.

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