Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One step at a time

It was a busy last week, as I said, I talked to my daughter; aired some feelings (I have more to go) and took some time to myself.

My daughter has been looking, really "looking" at my website and has come up with some suggestions for me. I am a novice, she is a part-time student of web site design to quote her, and she will try to help keep me on track. She and her husband have their own computer business, so I know she wouldn't make a mess out of my site, and if I don't like something she suggests, I can try it, frown and revert to the old stuff - the final choice is after all mine. But she is a good daughter, LOL.

I read some more of More to Me, a blog of a wonderful woman named Megg coming to terms with her feelings about lots of things we all face at one time or another. This site makes you realize that you can want things for yourself, you can do it, and one step at a time, you will get it if you believe in yourself. Check her out.

I took 3 days to myself and went camping. Well, it started out that a group of us were going, but they fell by the way side one by one. I had all my ducks in a row, fully loaded and I headed out by myself with my dog. We had some wonderful walks along the trails that surround the lake and the campground. We did a couple of power walks to make sure my dog still knows that I'm Alpha female, and lots of stop and sniff walks. The power walks have a pretty tight reign on the leash and the dog walks close to you without pulling every which way. The stop and sniff walks are just that - and we stopped, and we stopped, and we stopped - only the dog sniffed though. About half way through most of our walks, the dog came over and just walked next to me - I think she went into "sniffer overload". We then just found a rock or log to sit on for a while, or went back to camp to relax. I finished a book (could have been better), I worked on my Knobby Knitter, you know those spool things with the nails that make the long knitted strings..... if I had a better camera, I would post a picture...

I'm not sure what I'm going to make with this long knitted string, but by the time I run out of yarn, I may come up with something even if it's only a hot pad - not my colors, but it would work, LOL.

It was my Mom's birthday, 81, this past Saturday and I didn't get to call her until yesterday, but she 'figured' I was camping since I didn't call her. She always sounds so surprised and happy when I call that she makes me feel like a cherished daughter. It is some good feeling. We talked about the package that I sent, and she hasn't gotten yet, with all the card making goodies in it. I sent card stock, 3 pairs of fancy edge scissors, and blank cards with envelopes, stickers, and a few other things. She is really looking forward to going through the box!

I got an email from my daughter yesterday morning and she had sent a bouquet of flowers to her Grandma, along with card making supplies: pre-made cards & envelopes, plain paper, & lots of stickers . . . now I tell you, do great minds think alike?

My daughter also left me with a little thought, and I will share it with you:

"And take down one giant at a time."

Wishing you sunshine...

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