Friday, January 16, 2009

time just gets away from me sometimes . . .

Yikes, time sure has gone by since my last post. It's not that I'm really busy, but the time just flies no matter if you're having fun or not!

This is what we have seen for the last 3 days. Today we have had sunshine since early morning, but for the previous three days, it has been fog and hoar frost - on everything! It is beautiful to see, but it never burned off. This is on a truck antenna and the spikes are about 1 1/2 inches long. By the time I saw the fuzziness of the picture, the truck had gone, but I'm sure you still realize how cold it has to be to get this type of frost!

Yesterday when I went to Dale & Candy's, the clumps of frost that had been hanging around on all the trees was starting to melt a bit (thin fog & sunshine)and was falling off the trees like it was snowing. Very pretty, but I didn't have my camera! I need to keep it with me at all times, I feel I miss some really nice pics because of not having it . . .

Needless to say, it's basically indoor weather! I have been sewing my grocery bags. Wal-Mart hasn't started charging for their cheap plastic bags and now no one knows if, or when they will, but I'm still going to do my little bit to lessen the plastic bags that are used.

I made one bag out of denim, which is great for canned goods, but this one turned out too small for regular stuff. It works for carrying all the other bags. The blue bags are made from a sheet I've had for years and never used. I used the pattern from Mors Bags, it works up easily, and is about 18" x 18". It will hold a good amount.

I have 4 bags made, and cut fabric for 6 more. That should take care of a major trip to the market, if not, 1 plastic bag is better than 12!

In sewing, I went through several blue colors of thread, and then finally ran out. Going to Joanns, I took the old spool with the number of the color so I could match it. Uh huh, yup right . . . the spool I have is the 'old' style label, and Coats & Clark has changed the numbering... My girlfriend looks at me and shakes her head. "Ummm, don't you have one of the finished bags in the car?" "Uhhh, yes." She went and got one and we could then match the thread to the bag without having to guess.... smart friend!

I got 2 spools, and will save the label for the next round. The mish mash of blue thread I used was fine, but they weren't full spools and were used up pretty quickly. I also cleared out several bobbins of old blue stuff. The bags do take a bit of thread since I run 4 evenly spaced rows of stitching on the 18" handles, but I like the feel of the handles better with the additional stitching. And the inside of the bags have been french seamed - making the stitching double there too. These bags will last unless something punctures them, and then there is always applique!

Ok then. I'd better get going on the rest since I got thread.

Stay warm every one!


Betty said...

Yes, hoar frost is beautiful...especially from a distance of about 700 miles or more!

I like your bags. I have four bags now, including one from supply store, of course. I couldn't find anyone in our WalMart who knew about the charge for bags; but, I agree about doing our part to save the environment.

You are a good person!

chest of drawers said...

That´s some mean frost you´re having!We have been having lot´s of snow and freezing temperatures here too. Great bags, thanks for the link.