Monday, January 19, 2009

Warm (relative) spell

Last Saturday it was nice enough during the afternoon that we barbecued. Love barbecued chicken!

It is 18 degrees outside as I type this. It should warm up to about 48 today. The gravel in the driveway is frozen.

When I let the dog out this morning, I saw a herd of deer running through the neighbors yard. This always makes me smile.

I sure hope we, here in Southern Oregon, get a lot more snow this season. What's left on the ground is dirty and not looking good any more. I love a bright, clean layer of snow.

No matter how much more snow I'd like to still see this season, I'm already thinking of Spring.

These are just a few thoughts in my mind this morning.


Betty said...

Good thoughts you had. More snow?....not my idea of fun; but, I guess if you need it, it would be good to have.

I, also, love barbecued chicken. We used to barbecue in the snow in Idaho, so I know where your mind is. Some things just can't wait for spring, eh?

Ravenhill said...

How wonderful to enjoy the warm spell for a delicious barbeque!!! I love it!

chest of drawers said...

Yes, as soon as December has passes I am dreaming of spring. Love the photo of the BBQ in the snow!