Saturday, February 7, 2009

The next step . . .

My room mate now has to decide what kind of car he wants. Of course he'd like the exact same car - 40 mpg - but I wonder how many are out there? He's also a bit interested in a truck since he will be moving to Texas this June. There are lots of pickups available since they don't get the best mileage, but, things are up in the air.

We have not had any more snow even though for the last couple of weeks, the weatherman has promised a few inches. As long as the snow falls in the higher elevations, I'm not that concerned, but I sure really would like at least one more big storm before Spring.

I need to get myself into the crafting mode - even my shopping bags have fallen by the wayside. I have 6 completed, but there are still 4 more to go.

I have one more month and I can sign up for Social Security. I will find out what kind of income I will get - not enough to live on I'm sure, but I will then have an idea of what to do. Medicare is still 4 years off, but I have good insurance right now. I've known all my working life that I need to save for retirement, but that was hard when you're always in the "low income range". Well, time to get my butt in gear to make up the difference - but only time will tell what I'll do.

I wish everyone a happy weekend, no matter the weather.


Betty said...

Hey, good luck with your Social Security...I think you are very smart to start getting it as soon as possible! Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount. I'll be anxious to hear what you decide to do to 'make up the difference'. Good luck with that, also.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Toyota's X series get really good mileage--although I think Donny's height factor may prove problematic.

We have two Xbs and we love them.