Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day friends

I forgot to take my camera to the wedding, but it was wonderful. R&L have been together for quite some time, and yesterday they had a small, but VERY beautiful wedding in their living room. Red and white balloons, red and white roses, white wedding bell banners; the bride wore a wonderful light taupe dress and bejeweled jacket, the groom was in a dark suit with blue shirt. WOW, what a gorgeous couple!! There were times during the ceremony where both bride and groom were misty eyed - you knew they loved each other very, very much. Hopefully I can get a few pictures later and I'll post them.

Wonderful little party afterwords.

R&L are friends we all met during a camping trip, through their little rescue dog Scooter! So glad we picked that particular spot that trip!!

We have had more snow, and I need to go take some more pictures.

See you later!

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Betty said...

What fun to go to a wedding on Valentine's Day! They sound like a really happy couple.

We have met some nice folks while camping; haven't been invited to any weddings, though...haha.

More snow? Oh, no! Well, I guess it's just an 'oh, no' for me, not for you, eh?

Stay warm!