Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wild week . . .

I really haven't felt much like posting, only because it seems like the same stuff over and over . . . BUT this past week has been totally nuts!

My room mate was coming home from a fill in job on Tuesday night around 10:15, and hit some black ice. The doctor says he definitely bruised his right shin, and if it doesn't stop hurting, he wants to do an MRI on the leg as there might be a torn ligament. He limped away from this car after rolling it three times! Thank the gods he wasn't hurt anymore than the leg.

The rear axle is bent, the air bags deployed - it has been declared totaled by the insurance!

When he called that night, I turned around and called Dale. We drove as fast as we dared with the ice - it was about 7 miles from home - and we were both very happy to see him up and walking (limping) around. All he damaged, besides his car, was about 3-4 fence posts and some barbed wire.

This happened Tuesday night and by Friday, every thing had been settled, except finishing the paperwork. There will be a rental car available for 5 days, which is nice - thank goodness I have a 2nd vehicle that he can use, and fit in since he's 6'4" and weighs 280! The truck, not the one in the picture, is a 3/4 ton, 77 GMC Camper Special. He fits!

That was the excitement for my week. Not the kind I ever want to do over, but he is OK, and the car can be replaced.

Hopefully next week I will get back to our regularly scheduled program. Maybe some crafts, or nice weather, or bad weather - anything besides a repeat!

Hugs to you all, and watch that ICE! Stay safe everyone!


Betty said...

Oh, dear, I wondered where you were. I had no idea you were dealing with all this! I'm so glad your roommate is alright and that it was the car which took the brunt of the accident. As you said, cars can be replaced; friends can't.

Hope to hear more from you soon. Don't slip on that ice!

Natalie said...

Not pretty, but considering it rolled 3 times, it's pretty awesome. I hope he is feeling better and better everyday.
Bad ice. Bad.
Stay safe.

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