Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I've been doing

Lately I've been going through all the places that I have craft supplies stashed. All over the house, every nook and crannie and outside in the storage sheds! I have fabric, yarn and craft wood - and who knows what else! Some of it I haven't been able to look at since I moved into this house in 2001. I've been going through (some of) the fabric boxes to make sure that nothing has been ruined by bugs or leaking roofs. I'm lucky - every thing seems to be fine. (Phew!)

My roommate will be moving in 2 months or so and I've sort of been taking stock of everything I have that will go into his room. That is after I tear out the carpet and overlay the sub-floor with fresh plywood because there is a mushy spot in the outside corner. Then I want to paint the walls a soft color so the project colors won't be distorted - as you can see, I live in an old mobile home with that darn fake wood paneling - I hate it!!! I will also paint the 'new' plywood floor and put a few throw rugs around. All that's even before I move one shelf, table or box in there! I want to make curtains too!!! LOL

The first picture shows where I do my sewing at the moment - a bit cramped to say the least! The three cardboard boxes - the kind that copy paper comes in - are full of fabric! . . . and there are more boxes out in a little storage shed. Now that I've looked through these, they go back out in the shed and I bring in some more!
Behind the boxes in the picture is a cabinet that hold almost all of my craft paint! I'm not even going near the boxes of wood that are in the shed (not yet).

This picture shows another box full of fabric and a small stack of washed and ironed fabric ready to use. In the first picture you can just see, peeking out from behind the boxes, another stack of washed and ironed fabrics! The plastic bag has six knit dish cloths in it (to keep animal fur off). Behind them is a stack of quilt squares that I cut and sewed last week before I got the wild hair up my butt to check the rest of my fabric! Believe it or not, I had to go buy two yards of fabric for the sashing! Nuts or what?? That box, too, will go back out in the shed.

. . . and the last picture is of the three bookcases on my front (enclosed) porch. Uh, yup, more supplies of all kinds! Ribbon, WIP's, UFO's, embroidery floss, Aida cloth, and if you can think it, I have it!!! Even with all this "STUFF" there are still times I have to go buy something. Sometimes because I just don't have something I really need, or because I can't find the item I need! And I know somewhere I already have three of them!!!

WOW, this turned into a longer post than I was going for, but I hope you can see why I've been negligent about posting.

I also have a habit of starting to straighten one thing and ending up doing four or five other things before I get back to the first - sometimes I wonder if I'll ever really get organized! The one thing I am looking forward to is having the mess ALL in one place.

I hope everyone is a bit more organized than I am!!!

I wish you all a great craft space, and don't chastise me if I chuckle over your messes!

I leave you with this:

Creative clutter is better than idle neatness!! LOL


Betty said...

"A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind!"

Thanks for letting us in on your 'doings'...looks as though you have plenty to keep you crafting for a long time.

I'll visit your blog when I return next week. In the meantime, enjoy your sorting.

Life With Dogs said...

Looks like you could use that extra room! :)