Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July camping trip . . .

Our group of friends usually avoid camping on any holiday weekend, but we decided that four days away from home would be nice - instead of just three, LOL.

We gathered ourselves up and went to our favorite little spot. This is the little campground with only 12-13 campsites that is 10 miles from home. What a wonderful surprise we all got. Very quiet, all campers were there to relax and not whoop it up to any major degree. Most lights were out by 10, just a few die-hards were up later!

There were lots of extra vehicles in most campsites, and lots of boats on the lake, but so nice and quiet. Courtesy at its finest!

The campground is locked from 9 pm until 6 am, but the camp host told everyone that if they wanted to go to town to see the fireworks (50 mi. round trip!) that they would accommodate every one and open the gate. Very nice. We stayed in camp.

The weather was HOT, at least for me, with temps in the mid 80's. If you were in the shade it was pleasant when the breeze came up, but being in the sun was terribly stifling, even with the breeze. There were chances of thunderstorms, but even though we saw lightning way off and thunder too, we never got a drop of rain.

I hope every one had a safe and happy Fourth of July!

See you soon . . .

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Paula said...

Camping for four days with no going to town? Sounds absolutely perfect!!
My husbands working down in your neck of the woods this summer (between LaPine and Klamath) and says that it is getting HOT! He's a coastie and just might melt...LOL!