Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

This past Saturday (July 11) Dale, Candy & I went out to get some firewood. The dead trees on our properties have pretty much been cut and burned, so we picked up some cutting permits for 8 cord to be split between the two households.

This we hoped was included in the permitted area.

We got a really late start, left my house at 10 and drove around looking for the areas that can be cut. Next time we will leave at 6:30-7:00 so we can cut during the cool part of the day! We worked for 1 1/2 hours for 1/2 cord of wood! Hot, hot, hot!! And we didn't bring enough water to sip - - go figure, we know better ...

These are the kind of piles that you can dig through for usable wood.

The truck doesn't look like it is very full, but we worked our fannies off!!

We headed home around 1 pm and as we pulled into our tiny town, there were a bazillion Harleys at the local watering hole! A Poker Run!

The noise was marvelous - LOVE that Harley sound!!

One of my chickens kept eating the eggs that were laid, which leaves me without breakfast. I had her prepped to go into the freezer for soup come winter. The other two take turns laying as I only have the open area of the dog house. I'd like a couple of nest boxes to see if I can get two eggs a day.

I found out that the dark brown one, her name is Cinnamon, is a Brown Sex-link and lays brown eggs. Don't ask me where they come up with breed names ... LOL. The other one (Frazzle) is an Araucana and she lays green eggs. Where she previously lived, she was picked on by the other chickens and looks really bad feather wise. She looks frazzled - hence the name. I think she will fill in her feathers over time, but frazzled she looks, and Frazzle she is!

Cinnamon decided at the last second that she didn't want her face shown in this picture ... LOL.

They are doing well. I let them out to roam and they have picked spots for dust baths and just relaxing. The dog is curious, but has learned to leave them alone. The cat, well ... he is VERY curious and likes to get close to get a good sniff, but the chickens will flap wings and the cat takes off like a bat out of hell!

I bought a feeder that will hang so I can raise it up a bit and they won't throw the straw into it when scratching around in the pen. It will hold enough food for 3-4 days, so I don't have to worry about them when we take off for a long weekend.

I thank you all for your comments and your visits and your questions make me do some research on the chickens...

Hugs to you all.


Natalie said...

"I have chickens!"
LOL... you lured me in quick with that one!
I came home sick and have been neglecting all my favorite blogs, but you know your good news tickles me and I want to congratulate you on this wonderful occasion!!

Paula said...

Cutting wood is such hard work! We have a little bit left over from this winter but sure need to get out there and get more.
Frazzle looks pretty old too, but maybe it's because she's had a rough life. Bet she's glad to have a new home where nobody picks on her. Poor girl!

Linda said...

Oh wow, I just found your blog! I live in Northern California now, but I lived in Klamath Falls Oregon for many years!

I'm going to go look over your blog now... *big smile*