Friday, September 13, 2013

More on water ...

I now have all the supplies and Dale will pickup the tank today.  I was also told that to save a bit of money I could buy the red-black-green pump cable separately and using 10 gauge for the red & black, but 12 gauge for the green ... It did save me money!  The pre twisted cable was $1.83/ft but purchasing the wiring separately with the red & black running 49 cents per foot and the green 12 gauge running 29 cents a foot.  That totals $1.27 per foot.  Since the wires will be in conduit it doesn't matter if it's twisted or not.

I also picked up 4 - 90 deg angle pipe for the conduit.  $1.17/ea. 

I'm sure all this technical electrical (LOL) stuff is making your head spin, it's making my head spin too, but it's a big deal to me ... LOL.  Saturday, tomorrow, should be "restoring water day"  Wahoo!!!

I'm also thinking of Deer Camp ... trying to gather my mind on that so I won't be scattered when putting the camper together ... I am sooo looking forward to having water so I can do some laundry!  I still have the dirty stuff from the Labor Day camping trip sitting there staring at me, and having added regular daily dirty stuff since the 2nd (No Water Day) I have quite a pile - and Susan too!

I am sooo looking forward to camp for 10 days to clear my mind of all problems.  Oh yeah!!!

I also ordered the vent lid so my hallway isn't the shower anymore - it should be here any day.

I'm tired just rereading my post, so I will let you go for now.  Have a wonderful day and future.


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