Friday, December 5, 2008


Not that I'm counting or anything - but the days are starting to go faster and faster . . . and on the 26th they will come to a complete stop. No more, nada, ziltch, over, done . . . that is for another year. Phew.

Every year I keep saying, a few weeks after Christmas, that I will start on the next year. Uh, huh, yup, right!!! I want to, well part of me wants to, the other just sticks its tongue out at me. Well this coming year it will happen. You just watch and see!

Once in a while, I have the tv on in the background of my day, just for some movement and a little noise. There are two sentences that I hear over and over and over again. And I HATE them.

"If I (he, she) can do it, you can do it" or some verbal equivalent. It has been sooo over used that I want to puke!!! Of course the other one (to me) is no better. Ever since Shaker design and/or Minimalism was discovered (?) I have heard the term "Less is more." Aarrrggghhhh! I also HATE that statement. I swear I have heard it forever! less of what? furniture, decorations, dust bunnies, dog hair?????? less what?

These two statements can drive me up a wall, and that's not a pretty sight!

"If I can do it, you can do it" I DON'T WANT TO! How's that? "Less is more." Less is BORING!!!!!

OK, now that I've gotten that said, I feel great! I need to leave to go work out and I can stomp the rest of my aggravation out to my hearts content on the treadmill!!! Works every time! I may not be loosing weight, which I need to, but I'm toning and starting to feel a lot better. I guess the weight will come off eventually??

Oops, just looked at the clock - I'm out of here . . .

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Betty said...

My first visit here and I'm hooked! You are too funny and the 'less is more'...what a hoot! I'm going to have to go back and play catch-up with your posts. My posts lately have been pretty dry; if I'm not posting about our three rescued poodles, I seem to run dry! I'll be back!