Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aha, rain today . . .

We got some rain - NOT snow - and it was dripping from every where. More places than I knew it could drip from! But thankfully not on the inside of the house. We are having a heat wave, yeah, a heat wave. About 34-39 for highs this week.

I went to the local store today and WOW, talk about slushy roads . . . phew! I have a 4X4 and I was all over our roads here in the neighborhood. Slick as snot is about all I can think of to compare it to. Not nice I know, but truthful! The slush is about 9-12 inches deep, and it moves your vehicle ALL over the road.

I had a wonderful Christmas, got some great presents; a 25' Stanley Tape Measure (all my other ones have disappeared), some of those stick to your sock foot warmer thingies (love them), and for my collection, some silver colored Reindeer (not Rudolphs).

I went to Dale's to help him move some snow, ha, ha, ha, SNOW . . . he had to clear his shop roof and the camp trailer. They had at least 2 feet of snow on them, and even though the shop would be OK, the trailer had to be cleared or it would start to sag in the middle - not good. He got it, no problem, but the walkways had to be cleared. A friend brought his snow blower up to help, but there is always corners that need a good shovel. I have experience in that department! I helped. It felt good that I could help him for a change.

I filled my wood box today too. Damn that thing is a huge cavernous beast when it's empty! Nice and friendly when full, but this afternoon it only had 8 pieces left - they seemed so little and tiny way down there in the bottom of the box. It now has so much that the lid won't close. I like it that way! The box measures 2 x 2 x 4 feet - doesn't seem that big UNTIL you have to fill it! It's more than full now!

I've been gathering turkey carcasses since Thanksgiving and am in charge of cooking New Years Eve dinner - every year, that's my thing! I need to hit the store for some carrots, broth and spaghetti noodles. The rest of the ingredients are in the cupboard. It has to make enough to feed about 12 - 14 people...... Hmmm . . . do I have a big enough pot??? No, but I'll start in the one I have and since I have trouble lifting those huge 16 qt pots, I will take two pots, combine the soup in Candy's one HUGE pot, and we will all eat merrily ever after!!! LOL

I will not be around for the Midnight Party - my dog freaks. I will take her home about 11:30 (if I last that long!) and sit with her. Here where we live there will be fireworks (not legal), and gun shots (definitely NOT legal), and the dog, all 60 lbs of her, will try to crawl up on my shoulders. Even though she is on medication, it is just too much for her. I will turn the stereo up, plug my ears, and hold the dog. Interesting picture to say the least, but I will do what it takes to keep the dog at least half way sane.

You all have a safe and sane New Years!

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Betty said...

I'm really happy to hear you have rain instead of more least for this week, eh?

Ooh, wish we could join you for New Year's Eve...most of the folks we know are 'staying in', as do we. Your soup sounds delicious!

I wonder if you could put earplugs in her ears...or just some cotton balls? I've never tried it, but maybe it would muffle the sound some. Or maybe it's the energy waves, not just the noise, in which case the earplugs probably won't help. Oh, well, holding her is a good thing...fur love!

Enjoy your New Year's Eve!