Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boy, am I angry . . .

I went to Wal-Mart today - the store we all love to hate! I know the prices of everything I purchase and I can't believe that what I bought today cost $20 MORE than what I got two weeks ago! There are a few prices that have gone down, but most have gone up by at least 10 cents! In two weeks??? How do families do it? I know that I'm ready to cut a few things out, but good gracious, this is ridiculous. I could stand to loose a few pounds, but I prefer to do it myself, not dictated to by what I can afford or not!

I think next time I go to town, I will try a discount market just to see what I end up paying. Probably more, since I won't be going in for another two weeks. I HATE going to town to shop! Don't get me wrong, I like to eat, but, phew!! I do use some packaged, easy to fix meals, but if you compare the ingredients to fresh, I wonder if you come out ahead? Probably not. I also buy a lot of brand name products instead of generic - I tried the generic stuff and found the flavors greatly lacking. Why should I buy cheap and not like the taste, to purchasing brand name and enjoying my own cooking? And I do like my own cooking - LOL . . .

We don't eat a lot of meat, but when we do, I want the leanest and tastiest I can get. Why spend less money on meat that is full of fat and have lots less when done cooking? I want flavorful foods that taste good and fill me up.

Ahhh, why am I ranting? I guess because I can. And, how good for us is the food that we buy? Most has too much fat and too many chemicals. I don't care how good the food producers are at advertising, most skirt the health issue. The FDA needs to really, really check into the claims that are made. Yeah, sure.

Last night I watched a news report on the elderly in Okinawa, Japan. They have a major population OVER 100 years of age. Cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease are almost unheard of in Okinawa. They eat low fat, low sodium and low chemical content foods. And their portions are not "Super Sized"! We, even I, could learn a lot from these people. Neither do we exercise like we should. I am guilty too. Most of us say we have no time - turn off the TV, computer and all other electronic gadgets, and take a walk each night after dinner. The WHOLE family! Kids and all. Take the dog, it probably needs exercise too!

All this as I just finished two small pork chops with spinach on the side. LOL The chops were cooked in margarine, with Worcesteshire Sauce and water to steam. Worcestershire Sauce - the king of sodium! Not the healthiest, but . . .better than a lot of meals I've cooked. Like lots of mashed potatoes with butter and gravy!

I guess I can only do the best for me, but people need to really look at what they fix and eat. Just my opinion, but shared by many I know.

As a footnote to this - I eat my share of crap too, I love garlic Triscuits and can eat a box in one sitting if I don't watch myself!

I think I should end this - I'm just getting more and more frustrated at the treatment of the people by large corporations. No more than I use to, but shopping today just brought it out in the open.

Speaking of food - here is some 'food' for thought:
How we live our days is how we live our lives.

Hugs to every one. Really! LOL


Betty said...

Good rant! I don't know how some families are making it in this economy; actually, I guess they aren't, which is way too sad! The problem I have with eating like the Japanese is that they eat way too much garlic and way too much fish for my taste. I'm not talking lobster, here; I'm talking the non-shellfish type...not my thing. Enjoy your day!

Natalie said...

It's like a good, long scream.
Let it out!