Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow anyone??

I've been busy shoveling snow for at least two weeks! I'm getting tired of this, the shoveling not the snow... I bundle up to the point that I can hardly move, long johns, sweat pants and my quilted bib overalls. On top, I have a chemise, sweat shirt, scarf and big jacket. And my baseball cap. On my feet I have huge, gigantic, rated to 100 degrees below 0 boots. Just watch me move . . . LOL. Just like when you bundle your kids to go play in the snow, and they can't move . . .

I love the winter, but I have to be warm. Shoveling does that! I was up on the roof yesterday to get the 2 feet of snow off. Really, really hard work. And slippery on a metal roof. It might not have that much of a pitch, but when you are on a wet, even slightly slanted, roof, you can do the slip and slide thing real fast!

Today my friend Dale came down and got the snow off the truck camper; another 18" off that! There was just a skiff of snow left, but we put a tarp over it to make it easier to remove future snow - and I guarantee there will be more snow. He has an ATV with a blade so clearing the driveway gets done a lot easier than if I had to shovel that! It is a circular driveway and I like both ends open, but if I had to shovel it, I would only do from the street to the carport. Thank goodness for Dale and the ATV!!!

I feel better having the roof, (wobbly) carport, metal shed and camper cleared off. I worry - a lot! There is a tree close to the house by my bedroom and when the snow clumps start to fall off, it sounds and feels like the whole tree is coming down. I'd love a new house, but not by a collapsed roof - what would I do until a new one could be put in place????? and getting my belongings out before they got ruined... not something I want to think about - that's why I crawl up there to GET IT OFF!

We are suppose to have a heat wave next week; in the mid 30's with some rain and snow! That will help a bit, but I don't know what's coming after that. I'd rather clear the roof and not take the chance. But, I tell you, I'm getting too darn old to be climbing ladders and clearing roofs!!! I hurt so bad last night I had a hard time getting to sleep. Hot shower and ibuprofen not withstanding!

Yup, and after that, I had to fill the wood box . . . with Dale's help! But, you know, the chores get done and THEN I can collapse. And I did.

The snow on the truck in the picture is not that much yet - we had more snow last winter by February.... I know, I know, February is way off in the future and who knows what lurks in them thar clouds!!!!

Have fun in the snow, but stay safe, and drive careful if you have to go out. I guess this only applies to those of us in snow country, but so far this season, there seem to be a lot of us in snow country. Don't forget to take a sense of humor and patience along when you go anywhere.

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Betty said...

I'm trying to picture you shoveling with all those clothes on...inch by inch, eh? I guess you go to the bathroom BEFORE you don all those clothes...wouldn't want to get caught waiting until the last minute to start peeling them off..ha! Hope you get a little relief from all the shoveling...Dale sounds like a dream neighbor!